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As much as I love shooting locally, I relish at the opportunity to capture beautiful moments in areas that extends beyond Vancouver’s borders. Such was the case with Sam and Heidi’s pre-wedding session where we drove down to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival held in Burlington. Ever since I pitched the idea to them to have their photos taken in the tulip fields outside of Vancouver and they enthusiastically agreed, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity; not only because of how beautiful the tulip fields were, but because I knew I would have a fantastic time working with Sam and Heidi.

And I definitely did.

Having been involved from the beginning of the creative planning process to the end of the session itself, they were a delight to work with all throughout. Being a wedding photographer, it’s definitely a treat to know that a couple is looking forward to a photo shoot as much as you are!

The tulip festival itself runs annually from April 1 – April 30. Given how moody the weather gods have been as of late, we were afraid that the shoot would need to be taken elsewhere in case it rained rain. Luckily for us, the rain didn’t start until after our Sam and Heid’s pre-wedding session was over! Now get ready for some color overload!

– Raymond

Skagit Valley Tulip FestivalSkagit Valley Tulip FestivalSkagit Valley Tulip Festival

Photos Courtesy of Washington Bulb Co.

It’s always an honor for us when a couple from out of town wishes to work with us. Such was the case with Moon and Patrick flew all the way out from Hong Kong to get their pre-wedding photos taken. It was their first time in Vancouver so we were happy to not only be their photographers but semi-tour guides as well! Being shot in mid December, the weather was freezing as anyone familiar with Vancouver can well imagine, but thanks to some strategically placed heat packs Moon and Patrick were able to survive through their 6 hour photoshoot just fine at UBC, Jericho Beach and finally Gas Town. Seeing these two makes me wonder if I could bear to do a photoshoot in such cold weather if I were in their shoes. Oh the things people do when in love. Congratulations Moon and Patrick and have a lovely wedding in Paris!

– Raymond

Vancouver Pre-Wedding PhotographerVancouver Pre-Wedding PhotographerVancouver Chinese Pre-Wedding PhotographerVancouver Chinese Pre-Wedding PhotographerVancouver Chinese Pre-Wedding Photographer

In East Asian culture, a popular practice exists where an engaged couple participates in what is known as a pre-wedding session, which take place well before the actual wedding day. These differ from usual engagement sessions in that they may last up to an entire day, and the couple are adorn in formal wedding attire.

I absolutely love photographing them!

I met Mya and Wei through past clients of ours, and they were an absolute delight to work with! On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being super camera shy and 10 being complete naturals in front of the camera, these two get an 11. There was never a moment where I couldn’t get these two to smile and laugh in front of the camera, and for a wedding photographer that is something we can never get enough of. We spent most of our time together at UBC where both Mya and Wei study, and from there we stopped briefly at Granville Island, Kits Beach, and finally Downtown Vancouver. Despite the fact that it rained quite a bit during the shoot (not to mention being cold!), you would think that by looking at these two and how much fun they were having that it was sunny.

– Raymond

UBC Pre-Wedding PhotosUBC Pre-Wedding PhotosUBC Pre-Wedding Photos

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Pre-Wedding Photographer

Without a doubt, one of our favorite venues to photograph in is Hycroft Manor in Vancouver. Not only does it showcase a beautiful interior with a rare and classic feel, the surrounding garden is also amazing to behold. So naturally when Mandy and Johnson contacted us for their pre-wedding photos and expressed a desire to have it done at Hycroft, we were ecstatic! All of the following were shot at Hycroft with the last few being shot at Jericho Beach. The rain couldn’t have appeared at a better time!

Hycroft Manor Pre-WeddingVancouver Pre-Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Pre-Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Asian Pre-Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Asian Pre-Wedding PhotographerVancouver Asian Pre-Wedding PhotographerVancouver Chinese Pre-Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Asian Pre-Wedding Photographer

Juelu and Sheng found us through friends who’ve we’ve taken photos for in the past. My first impression of them when I met them was that I found them to be a super sweet and fun-loving couple. Their story began 3 years ago when they both enrolled in the same GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) class and met for the first time. Sheng made the first move by suggesting a trip to the book store for course materials and a dinner date to follow. After countless trips to the library together and finding comfort in each other’s presence from the stress of examinations, they became an item. Their academic careers continued to play a role in bringing them closer together as they were both admitted into their respective graduate programs at UBC where they are currently working hard at earning their degrees.

One of Sheng’s qualities that made a big impression on Juelu is his honest and sincere nature (not to mention his happy and glowing smile!) For Sheng, aside from her obvious beauty, it was Juelu’s warm personality, frank demeanour, and countless other qualities that really made her special. Having spent a decent amount of time with these two, I can attest for all of the above.

Juelu and Sheng, I’m glad you two have found another another and I wish them all the best in the years to come! Thanks again for the incredibly fun pre-wedding season and have a beautiful marriage in China this Spring!

– Raymond

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