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Here’s to another Stanley Park Engagement Session! It seems as though Stanley Park is a very popular choice this year among our couples this year, and for good reason. In my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and I’m always grateful for the fact that I can bring my couples here. Having visited this location many times, it can sometimes be a challenge to create something new and different for every shoot. On the one hand, the temptation is always there to play it safe by photographing at the same spots using similar angles. Luckily, it is the couples that we work with that make each photoshoot interesting and unique, and that is simply due to the fact that every couple is unique.

Take Vivian and Sunny for example, these two radiated an energy throughout their session that made everything go by so fast because of the amount of fun we were having. Endless were all the laughter and smiles, plus you gota love it when a couple brings bubble guns to a shoot! Obviously there’s a lot more to be said about them than that, but for now I’ll let their images do the talking.


Stanley Park Engagement SessionStanley Park Engagement SessionStanley Park Engagement Session

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a photoshoot at Buntzen Lake in Port Moody! I had almost forgot how beautiful the sights were of its placid waters and far-off-reaching mountains, certainly a wonderful place for a photoshoot for all those nature loving couples! This was definitely the case for Nancy and Gordon as they expressed from the beginning that they wanted their engagement photos to reflect their love for the great outdoors. At first we considered venturing into the interiors of BC, but since we had a difficult time finding a location that was accessible nor had the breathtaking views Nancy and Gordon desired, we settled upon Buntzen Lake as it offered the look and feel we were looking for. In the end I think we could all agree that it was a perfect spot to capture some beautiful memories, and these two made that process a breeze as they were such naturals in front of the camera! If you’re a nature lover and have yet to visit this place, I definitely encourage you to do so and experience its beautiful trails!

Nancy and Gordon, thanks a lot for making this photoshoot so much fun and have an amazingly awesome wedding this summer in Ontario!

– Raymond

Buntzen Lake PhotoshootBuntzen Lake PhotoshootBuntzen Lake Photoshoot


One of the things about 2013 that makes me very grateful is the fact that I have the honor of working with so many of my friends who are getting married this year! Even though there are those who advocate against mixing business with friendships, I can’t help but say that I absolutely love photographing friends! Take Stefanie and Benson for example. I met Stefanie back in UBC when we took a second year Chinese history class. Although we probably don’t remember anything from the course itself, luckily Stefanie remembered how obsessed I was with photography even way back then. You can imagine how happy I was to hear from her again after almost 6 years, and to be asked to photograph her’s and her fiancé Benson’s wedding.

Benson proposed to Stefanie at Granville Island, and that’s also where we took their engagement photos. They expressed an interest in having pictures taken both during the day and night, so what we did was take some photos before sunset, had dinner at the Cat’s Social House (love their quesadillas!) and finished off with some photos at night. If you’ve been following our work, you’ll know that we absolutely enjoy photographing couples at night as that lends to a more dramatic look and feel, which both our couples and us love!

Looking forward to their wedding in August!

Granville Island PhotoshootGranville Island Photoshoot

Granville Island Photoshoot


Of all the couples I have photographed since I started photography over 5 years ago, Laura and Randy have been among the closest to me personally. I’ve known these two since before they even met and started dating 7 years ago, and so when they asked me to take their engagement photos, I was happy and excited beyond belief. Our photo shoot at Minoru Park was both effortless and a lot of fun. These were taken very recently just before the new year so the weather was cold to say the least, but these two bore it like the troopers I’ve always known them to be. Having a love for all things vintage, Laura and Randy came up with the idea to suspend mason jars containing candles for the final images of the session. It was an absolutely beautiful scene and I loved the way the images turned out!

– Raymond

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